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Security, monitored: Protect your home and loved one’s from intrusion with the security industry leader They have been the pioneer in interactive security.
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We offer both wired and wireless door, window and motion sensor solutions from Interlogix to deter and combat intrusion. The Concord 4 works with Control 4 and Elan G while Ultra Sync works with Clare Systems for ease of use. Rapid Response provides award winning monitoring and completes the loop with best of breed response. also offers adaptive learning and location services to optimize control of Lighting & Comfort.  Visual verification of your image sensors is very powerful whether placed at the front door, study room or liquor cabinet.

Frontpoint is a self-installed value alternative monitored security option.

Safety: Access Control from Control 4, Elan G & Clare Systems make your life safer and more convenient.

Nest’s learning TSTAT can be a part of a “conscious home” that is thinking for you, but can still work with Control 4. Nest’s Smart Smoke Alarm speaks to you and can alert you of smoke or CO2. WaterCop fortunately can automatically turn off valves when a leak is detected and alert you via Control 4.   Control 4 also recommends

“Mockupancy Scenes” with lighting, shade and TV schedules created to enhance security while away. Elan G can even shut off your HVAC to prevent the spread of smoke when your smoke alarm is triggered along with a safe lighting path out of your home. During an emergency, all your lights can be unleashed to flash to help signal and save valuable seconds for responders. It could save a life.

IP Cameras: Track and record events or view your IP Cameras & NVR from afar. Redundant Enterprise level surveillance is also available with related monitoring.

Cameras can be helpful to check on a nanny or pet. This category can be more than just safety as the “Allie 360” records livestreaming to share special moments on YouTube for fun or for business.

Be safe & enjoy peace of mind that you deserve.

CloserCare: Closer Care was created to enhance independence for Seniors, Wounded Vets and individuals with a Disability and keep them connected to family, friends and caregivers. We Integrate a variety of technology systems including Safety, Activity Monitoring, Wellness & Fall Tracking, as well as Connectedness and personalize a solution for each client.

Video Monitoring: Stay aware of what’s happening at home, even when you’re away with’s interactive Video Monitoring. You’ll never miss a moment of the key activity you care about, thanks to real-time video alerts and peek-in access to live streaming video feeds.