Welcome to WiHome Integration

WiHome Integration is a company that people count on to make their lives more comfortable, convenient, enjoyable and secure by seamlessly integrating the technology they use every day to help them connect with family and friends. We work with everything from lighting and climate control, to music systems, home theaters and media rooms.

WiHome Integration has created hundreds of home theaters in a wide range of exciting designs throughout the DC metro region.  Also, people with special needs have also put their trust in WiHome Integration to help them be more independent, make their homes better suited to their lifestyles and more accessible to use.  WiHome Integration also puts technology to work to make homes and offices more secure.   Clients like working with us because we are highly experienced, reliable, responsive and
cost-effective.  For more information, contact us at 703-239-1500 or info@ihomeintegration.com and enjoy your visit at www.wihomeintegration.com.

1-Touch Control


It’s 2015, and technology has never been smarter.  Now with just the simple push of a button (or swipe of the touchscreen), you have the ability to control every aspect of your home and all of its devices.  Whether it’s locks or lights, doors or drapes, stoves or screens – total technological control is no longer a goal of the future, but a reality of the present.  Let WiHome Integration make it YOUR reality.  See More…

Personal Cinemas


Want a customized home theater system that fits your style, living space, and budget?  No matter the size of the job, we here at WiHome Integration are ready to transform your movie-viewing experience into one worth bragging about.  Our team of certified home automation specialists will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your theater is just as you envisioned.  Need convincing?  See More…

Professional Service


 Our company has maintained the Highest Rating with the Better Business Bureau for 9+ Years.  We are CEDIA certified and offer award winning solutions for Audio, Video, Media & Control (Performance, Hidden and Value) as well as Sustainability Solutions for Energy and Resource Management, and even Aging in Place Solutions for Senior Independence and Wellness.  Want to learn more?  Contact us today!